Writing in 1861 and looking back to the earliest seventeenth-century settlers of the Rappahannock valley, Bishop Meade in his  “Old Churches , Ministers and Families of Virginia,” 1861, described as a “well illustrated classic” in two volumes:

At my request, a worthy friend — most competent to the task —has searched these records, and though unable to specify who were the vestrymen of the parish, yet, in giving the following list of magistrates from 1680 to 1695, has doubtless furnished us with the names of far the greater part of the vestrymen, if not the whole of them, during that period. We cannot determine to which side of the river they belonged, as both the county and parish were on both sides…. My friend adds that ” the character and habits of the early settlers, so far as can be ascertained from their wills and the records, indicate intelligence and a high state of morals for the times.” This section appears to have been settled chiefly by those coming from the lower counties, — the names of the principal men being those of families in the lower country.

There are some, however, whose names are rarely met with in other counties; and there is evidence that they originally settled here. They are such as Latane, Waring, Upshaw, Rowsee, Rennolds, Micou, Roy, Clements, Young.