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1843, May 5th:

“Jannette Roane Ritchie Latane, daughter of Dr. James Henry Latane and Juliet Janet Rouzie, was born on 5 May 1843 in Mahockney, Essex, Virginia. She died on 3 Jan 1880 in Campbellton, Essex, Virginia. She was buried in Jan 1880 in Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery, Dunnsville, Virginia. on 3 Dec 1867.” 

(source: http://www.stanton-llc.com/genealogy/whitakercampbellfamily/pafg06.htm#9218)

She married William Campbell III on 3 Dec 1867.  From the same source:

They boarded with Dr. Williams Jefferies at Dunnsville and afterwards bought a home in the village. He was fond of entertaining, and they had many friends at “Campbelton” as he called his home. In 1891 and 1892 he was elected to the Virginia State Legislature from the counties of Essex and King and Queen. He served two terms.

He described the characteristics of his Campbell ancestors as “sober conscientious men of strong religious tendencies” with “the traits of typical Scotchmen: earnest, accurate, dogmatic, with high standards of life and a great fondness for learning and literature.” All in his family of Campbells had black hair and blue or grey eyes. Their hair turned white very early and almost all the older men had snow white hair. He never saw a bald headed Campbell. The Campbells are buried at Ephesus Baptist Church Cemetery near Dunnsville, Essex County, Virginia. His very interesting autobiography was published in the William and Mary Quarterly in 1929.