1663, November 19:  The name Mahockney was used very early. The plantation was referred to as such in a 1721 court deed citing its 1663 patent, using the name “Mahockney” – the following is from the 1721 transfer deed:

Edward Rowzee he doth sell unto sd William Winston 300 acres in abovesd County in Parish of Southfarnham upon Gilsons Creek it being the choice of sd Edward Rowzee & his part of a tract of 600 acres of land formerly granted to Thomas Roson by Pattent bearing date 1663 which sd Tract of land commonly known by the name of the Mahockney…”




Some background: The two parties in the deed were both related to Robert Tomlin, Mahockney’s builder. Edward Rowzee was his grandson, the offspring of daughter Rebecca Tomlin and Ralph Rowzee.  William Winston was the second husband (and by this point surviving widower) of another Robert Tomlin daughter, Martha.