August 1718:  The legal situation of Edward Gouldman’s and Robert Tomlin’s inheritances was rather messy, in part perhaps due to a series of intermarriages among the Waring, Gouldman, and Tomlin families. Yet the early colonial court system was robust enough to handle the messy situation.

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In 1718 William RAINS was involved in a series of lawsuits against the estate of Col. Francis GOULDMAN, Thomas WARING, executor of the estate. Looks as though William RAINS began the first lawsuit in Aug 1718 Essex crt order bk (Part 1), pg. 165 against the estate, with Thomas WARING as Exr. Of Francis GOULDMAN. Then both Thomas WARING (neph of Col. Francis GOULDMAN by mrg – Thomas WARING had md Elizabeth GOULDMAN, the only heir of Thomas GOULDMAN, dcs’d bro of Col. Francis’) and William WINSTON, who had md Martha or Mary (seen both) WARING wid of GOULDMAN, get involved in suits against William RAINS. At William RAINS’ death both WARING and WINSTON dismissed their suits.

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