May 19, 1725:  William Winston II, the second husband of Martha (Tomlin) Gouldman of Essex, married her sometime after January 1710 but before June 1714 which is when William Winston & Martha his wife are appointed administrators of an estate in Essex Co.  Martha herself passed away in 1722, Winston presenting her own will in court. He had by then returned to Hanover County, but then took the following action on 19 May 1725:

“Francis Gouldman of St. Ann’s Parish of Essex Co conveyed to William Winston of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover Co for L12, 300 a in Essex Co known as Mehockney, which is in the peaceful possession of sd William Winston by his intermarrying with Martha Gouldman, mother of sd Francis Gouldman who in her lifetime was possessed of the said land.”