1774, December 6: The Committee for Essex County was chosen, and included William Roane, his brother Thomas Roane, friend and business partner Thomas Waring, and others in their “Westmoreland Association” circle.

The list also included none other than Archibald Ritchie, by now a firm pro-rebellion patriot.

Around the colony all of the other counties were forming their committees as well. The same month, the City of Williamsburg formed its committee, with the Hon. Peyton Randolph, George Wythe, and John Tazewell among it. Down in Charles City County on the 17th of December, John Tyler Sr. joined two dozen others in a large County Committtee. And over in Westmoreland, in January 1775 the County Committee was named with (of course) Richard Henry Lee, John Augustine Washington (one of George’s brothers) among the members.

Source: “The County Committees of 1774-’75 in Virginia” by Charles Washington Coleman.  The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 4 (Apr., 1897), pp. 245-255.