1787, September 17: William Henry Roane, son of Spencer Roane and Anne Roane, was born.

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume V, 1898., p89-90.

By Wm. Wirt Henry as a result of correspondence with Hon. Spencer Roane Thorpe, a descendant of Judge Roane.

“Memorandum from Judge Spencer Roane’s diary, in his own hand-writing, now in the possession of Edward C. Harrison:

“Spencer Roane was born 4th April, 1762.

Anne Roane (daughter of Patrick Henry) was born 19th July 1767.

Spencer Roane and Anne Henry were married 7th Sept., 1786.

William Henry Roane (their son) was born 17 Sept., 1787.

Patrick Roane (2nd son) was born 7th Aug., 1789, and died 30th July 1791, about 12 o’clock, P.M.

Fayette Roane (3rd son) was born 08 Sept., 1791.

Patrick Henry Roane (4th son) was born 7th August, 1793.

Julia Roane (their daughter) was born 24th August 1796.

Anne Roane (2nd daughter) was born 03 Sept., 1797.

Elizabeth Roane (3rd daughter) was born 19th Dec., 1798, and died on Sunday, 15 Sept., 1799.

Anne Roane, the wife of Spencer Roane, died Wednesday, May 22nd, 1799, about 3 o’clock, P.M. (at Philip Aylett’s, in King William).

Descendants of Fayette Roane, son of Judge Spencer Roane and his wife, Anne Henry.

Fayette Roane married Elizabeth Hunt, issue:

1. Sarah Anne, married, first Thomas J. Thorpe, issue:

a. Patrick Henry, married Jennie Van Bibber, issue:

1. Fayette Roane, married _______.

b. Spencer Roane, married Helena Barbin, issue:

Helena Barbin; 2. Roane, married Lili Quinn; 3. Virginia Roane;

4. Spencer; 5. Carlyle.

c. Andrew, married ______.

d. Guy, married Elizabeth Johnson, issue:

1. Mary Sylvester.

e. Thomas Horace, married Mary L. Fisher, issue:

1. Mary Roane; 2. Florence Virginia; 3. Lucy; 4. Clegg;, 5. Eugene.

Sarah Anne Roane married second J. M. Mattingly, issue:

a. Sally Roane, married John C. Wickliffe, issue:

1. John C; 2. Crepps; 3. Charles.

Descendants of William Henry Roane, son of Judge Spencer Roane and his wife, Anne Henry:

William Henry Roane, married, first, Miss _____ Selden; no issue; second Sarah Ann Lyons, issue:

1. Sarah Anne, married Edward Cunningham Harrison, issue:

a. Constance Mary Lyons, married Freeman R. Cady: no issue.

b. Edward Cunningham, married Marie Louise Harrison, issue:

1. Edward Cunningham; 2. Carter Henry; 3. Sally Roane; 4. Channing Williams; 5. John.”

via Judge Spencer Roane – some descendant details.