1821, Oct. 28: “Roane comes forward as the champion of Virginia.” From JQA Diary quoted in Adams, Memoirs, V, 264-265, cited by Ammon.

Per Ammon’s “The Richmond Junto”:

Roane’s “campaign against the Supreme Court had no immediate practical issue, but it did serve to restore the state rights doctrine to a central position in Virginia. From 1819 on the political orientation of the state was along the lines indicated in Roane’s essays. In restoring the doctrine to a central position, Roane and the Junto were influenced by a variety of motives. First, the past factionalism played a significant if minor role. A second and more important motive was the hope that other states would rally to the cause of Virginia, thus restoring the waning political prestige of Virginia in the councils of the national party and obtain a presidential nominee in 1824 who would be to the liking of the Old Dominion.”

Adams in his diary lays out what Jefferson and Madison had done in their own “revolution” overturning the Washington/Adams administrations’ nationalism, and says Roane and the Virginians are designing a repeat of history:

“The Virginia 0pposition then to implied powers, therefore, is a convenient weapon, to be taken up or laid aside as it suits the purposes of State turbulence and ambition; and as Virginia has no direct candidate to offer for the next Presidential elections, her aspiring demagogues are casting about them to place her at the head of a formal opposition to the Administration of the Union, that she may thus again obtain by consent the Administration itself. On the former
occasion the attempt was greatly favored by circumstances. It was favored by its novelty – by the bad management of its adversaries. It has almost the same advantages now. They still possess in a superior degree the art of political management. They will be favored by circumstances, if not by novelty, yet by the success of the former example. The tactics of the former war are again resorted to and Roane comes forward as the champion of Virginia.”