1823, May 6: The fourth child, second daughter, of William Catesby Latane and his wife Ann Elizabeth Burwell Latane, is born at Mahockney and named Ann Waring Latane.

The Children of William Latane’ and Ann Burwell are:

Mary Latane, of “Mahockney”.

Thomas Louis Latane, of “Mahockney”.

James Henry Latane, of “Mahockney”, born February 1820 in Essex County, Virginia; died June 22, 1897.  He married Janet Juliet Rouzie 1841.

Anne Waring Latane, of “Mahockney”, born May 6, 1823 in Mahockney, Essex County, Virginia; died May 9, 1870 in Mahockeny, Essex County, Virgnia.  She married Edward Andrew Jackson Clopton, Esq. C.S.A. June 8, 1848 in Essex County, Virginia by Rev. McGuire; born 1819 in Richmond, Virginia; died July 23, 1897 in Richmond, Virginia of heart disease at his home and buried Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond.

Susan Elizabeth Latane, of “Mahockney”, born 1824 in Essex County, Virginia; died 1848.  She married Thomas Latane 1847; born 1824 in Essex County, Virginia; died 1906.

William Catesby Latane, Jr., of “Mahockney”, born 1826.  He married Virginia Hollowell.

John Lafayette Latane, of “Mahockney”, born 1828.  He married Mary Holloway.


Source: “Fire, Fear and Death: The Fall of Richmond, Regarding Edward Andrew Jackson Clopton & His Wife Anne Waring Latane,” by Miles George Turpin. Published online in The Clopton Chronicles, a Project of the Clopton Family Genealogical Society, at http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~clopton/fire.htm