September 25th, 1824: Thomas Latane is born over at The Meadows, the son of Henry Waring Latane, and therefore a great-grandson of Col. Frank Waring.  The boy’s uncle was William Catesby Latane of Mahockney… and in fact when he grew up, Thomas married his first cousin, Susan Elizabeth Latane, daughter of Wm. Catesby Latane, of Makockney.  She died in 1848, with no children.

via Full text of “Captain Roger Jones, of London and Virginia : some of his antecedents and descendants, with appreciative notice of other families, viz: Bathurst, Belfield, Browning, Carter, Catesby, Cocke, Graham, Fauntleroy, Hickman, Hoskins, Latane, Lewis, Meriwether, Skelton, Walker, Waring, Woodford, and others”.