1834, Feb. 4: The Richmond Enquirer reports on remarks by William H. Roane, in the House of Delegates during the “Virginia Statute Debates” 1834:

I am not one of those who have ever revolted at the idea or practice of slavery, as many do… the torch of liberty has ever burnt brightest when surrounded by the dark and filthy, yet nutritious atmosphere of slavery…. I think slavery as much a correlative of liberty as cold is of heat…. Nor do I believe in that Fan-faronade about the natural equality of man….I no more believe that the flat-nosed, wooly-headed black native of the deserts of Africa, is equal to the straight-haried white man of Europe, than I believe the stupid, scentless grey-haired hound is equal to the noble, generous dog of Newfoundland.”

Richmond Enquirer, Feb. 4, 1832; and Carl N. Degler, The Other South (New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London: Harper & Row, 1974), p. 25.