1848, June 8: Ann Waring Latane of Mahockney marries Edward Andrew Jackson Clopton, who was born in Richmond in 1819 and died in Richmond in 1897.

Clopton went by “A.J.” in tribute to the popular war hero, who at Clopton’s birth was years away from becoming President, and was still killing Indians in the First Seminole War, down in the still-Spanish territory of Florida. 

Through the veins of Edward Andrew Jackson “A.J.” Clopton and Anne Waring Latane’ flowed the blood of some of Virginia’s most aristocratic families.  But all the splendor of their antebellum lives would lie in ruins as the Civil War came to their beloved Richmond, Virginia.  Afterwards, the beautiful Anne and the dashing E.A.J. began rebuilding their lives with grace and courage, leading their remarkable brood into a world none were prepared to face.

Source: The Clopton Chronicles, a Project of the Clopton Family Genealogical Society, at http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~clopton/william.htm