January 9, 1715:  By this time, Martha Thomlin Gouldman Winston had inherited Mahockney from her mother. She and her second husband William Winston are mentioned in the will of her first-marriage brother-in-law, Francis (brother of her deceased first husband Edward Gouldman). Note that Francis wants her, her husband Winston, and his own brother-in-law Thomas Waring to settle up any dispute.  For the next fifty years Mahockney would be in various pieces involved with the Waring family.

From Essex Co, VA Deeds, Wills, etc. Book 14, p. 680:

Will of Francis GOULDMAN of the Parish of St. Anne, County of Essex.

To “loving kinsman” Francis GOULDMAN, 1200 acres bought of Augustine Smith BOUGHAN and others on Occupation Creek and Mattapony, he failing in heirs to “my loving kinsman” Thomas GOULDMAN, he failing in heirs to “my loving kinswoman Elizabeth WARING wife to Thomas WARING.”

Land and water mill in Essex to Thomas GOULDMAN.

To kinswoman Elizabeth WARING, 1,100 acres lying and being in common between the heirs of Francis MERIWETHER late deceased and myself situate in King and Queen County on the branches of Mattapony and x x.

To my kinsman Thomas GOULDMAN 500 acres Hoskinses Swamp, south side Essex, 200 from testator’s father, 200 purch. by testator from Francis AWBERRY, and 200 escheated from Katherine LONG.

To kinsman Francis GOULDMAN, land “whereon I now dwell,” purchased of Arabella BIRD, daughter of Henry WHITE. Kinsman Thomas GOULDMAN to be allowed to select home tract rather than mill when he is 21. Kinsman Francis to change, as his brother, Francis [sic], if he should choose. Wife to have home tract while she lives. Stocke, household goods, etc. on plant. to wife.

Interest in water mill held jointly with Paul MICOU, Gent., to be sold at Richmond Court. Refs. to Francis GOULDMAN as under age. Monies and tobo. due from Capt. PICKARIN, John BILLUPS, Robert ELLIOT, Col. Richard COVINGTON, and Thomas WINSLOW.

“Debts due from my late brother Edward GOULDMAN’S estate being the children’s part… that Thomas WARING aforesaid take my desk and papers as soon as I shall depart this life.

Negro Jack, a carpenter, shall be freed from slavery. Half of negroes to wife, the other half to Francis and Thomas GOULDMAN.

That sd. Thomas WARING shall make acctg of monies paid in admin of sd. late brother’s estate since last settlement with Mr. William WINSTON. Thomas WARING to half of tobacco for trouble concerning will. If Thomas WARING to die before sd. two kinsman reach majority, then my sister Martha WINSTON to take care of their estates.

My silver hilted sword and belt to Thos. HENMAN.

Exors: “beloved wife Mary”, and Mr. Thomas WARING. s/ Francis GOULDMAN. Wits: Arth: BOWERS, Paschall GREENHILL, Ro. BROOKE, Jr., Wm. MOSS, Tho. HENMAN.

Codicil 7 Jul 1716. To Thos. WARING all apple trees growing in my nursery… except 200 to my wife.

Entry. on p. 684 refers to him as Collo. Francis GOULDMAN.

Bond by Mary GOULDMAN. T. WARING, John BAGGE, and Richard COVINGTON.

(Extracted from Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. II, Beverly Fleet, reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD, 1988, p. 242)