1709 03 10 Gouldman, Edward’s estate inventory and 21 slaves
From records of Essex County, found in Library of Virginia archives.
Pages 291-94. “Mr. Edward Gouldman. Inventory. Made in obedience to order of 10 Jan. 1709. Presented to appraisers by Mrs. Martha Gouldman his wife and Mr. Francis Gouldman. No total valuation shown; includes books listed by title, servant woman Elizabeth Clenten, and 21 slaves valued at L 392.10.0.
Ro. Brooks
Augt. Smith
Tho. Ramsey
Appraisers sworn before Richd. Covington.”
10 March 1709/10. Presented by Martha Gouldman and Francis Gouldman, executors.
*** ALSO:
1710 06 10 Page 335. Capt. Edward Gouldman. Additional inventory. 29 April 1710. Items not valued…. Presented by Francis Gouldman, one of the executors.